Tips on Career Advancement

With the current economic state of the world today, people are thinking of ways on how to earn more money. There are those who would try to venture on businesses, while others opt to take two or more jobs. But for a vast majority of people in the working class who do not have the capital needed to open a new business and the luxury of time to work on another job, one solution comes in mind: Career Advancement.

But how can you advance your career? How can you get a promotion from your boss? Unfortunately, you cannot just simply ask for a promotion. You have to earn it and it should be given to you.

Many people think that they should do drastic things for them to be able to climb up the corporate ladder. But actually, you only need to think and act a few simple things to impress the people around you and convince them that you are worthy of such.

  1. Wake Up Early. Don’t Be Late.

Wake up early and try not to be late for work. Sounds simple. But unfortunately, a lot of people don’t take this seriously. Being always on time gives your colleagues and your boss the impression that you are dedicated to your job. It’s a way of telling everyone that you give importance to your work and that they can depend on you. Nobody likes a late-comer especially at work where you are being paid. No one would want to give you an important task, a presentation for example, when they think you can’t make it to the early morning meeting the next day.

  1. Be courteous.

Be polite to everyone—be it your boss, partner, or assistant. And don’t just be polite when you’re talking to them; be polite even when they are not around. Avoid gossips. Try not to speak negatively about someone from work. Remember, your character is one important thing that will bring you to success.

  1. Ask questions.

When you don’t know or if unsure of something, ask! This is something that you learned from school and should be applied even at your job. Some people are hesitant to ask questions because they are afraid of looking incompetent if they do. But the truth is, managers are more than willing to answer questions. They appreciate it more thinking that you are taking the step to efficiently accomplish your work rather than moving forward unsure of what to do and eventually failing to do the task at hand.

  1. Dress appropriately.

It doesn’t mean that if your company doesn’t observe any dress code, you can wear anything you want. Whether you are a fresh graduate, a call center employee or a supervisor having decent working attire is a must. If you want a raise or a promotion,  then you must market yourself properly. And one way of doing that is dressing up suitably.

  1. Double your input.

This is the one that would require real work from you. If you must prove to yourself and your boss that you are worthy for some career advancement, then you must exceed the amount or quality of the current work you’re doing. If in your job you need to reach a quota, don’t be satisfied just by reaching it. Try to double or at least exceed your target.

All these simple things when done consistently will help you in achieving career advancement. It may not come to you as soon as you like for such things take time and effort. But as long as you’re patient and you market yourself properly using these steps, then you’re on the right track.